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Appeal to Heaven

   "I have for a life time found myself in nature. The woods, the water, for these are my second homes. These are places I choose to be, places I feel free, places where I disconnect only to re-join leaving behind the noise. I enter a new world, one I know so well where respect and understanding govern the landscape and abundance awards those who truly ascend into her beauty. My mind is alert, my senses are in tune, for the unknown lies at every turn and yet there is a peaceful calm that allows you to let go. The force placed upon so strong as it is, keeps me going back not just because I desire, but more so because I need"

                                                                                                           Edward David Johnston

















Appeal to Heaven




   As a lifelong carpenter and companion of nature I learned early on the unique characteristics of wood in both its natural and conventional state. I always enjoyed building wood framed structures, especially those that are part of or compliment a desired environment.  


   It was in my childhood where all my artistic abilities, skill sets, and love for nature began. I spent a good amount of time with my father learning the basics of my trade and of course the teachings that can only be passed down, ones I still use to this very day as a compass when conducting my own building projects. Most of my other free time was spent either in the woods or down by the creek with my friends, it was here in these priceless memories where Mother Nature would constantly tap on my shoulder inviting me back as a friend for life. And lastly was my ability to envision something and then communicate it on paper. I never did have the patience for drawings that required lots of time, but I had a colorful imagination and I always loved to sketch and draw ideas. My ability to draw not only served me well in business but also became a powerful tool to me personally, something I would use for myself and others who I hold dear.


In my early 20's I started E. Johnston Builders Inc, this allowed me to create and build all while having my freedom so I could spend as much time as poss. in nature. It was also during these years were I was introduced to early american history. I live in a very historically rich area outside of Philadelphia and there are so many homes from the 1700's and 1800's close by. It was by fate that I got involved with The Newtown Square Historical Society on a town project, this alone with the people and the stories of our times past would inspire me greatly and lead me to where I am today on a constant mission to learn all I can about our countries start. It wasn’t long before I started working on registered homes, churches, and other buildings helping preserve for future generations. Still to this day I feel deeply about preservation and am currently serving on the boards of the  Bartram Covered Bridge Commission and the Deleware County Historical Society to help preserve and educate.


  On my spare time I was constantly pushing the boundaries of my imagination, Being in nature, on water, and my love of wildlife, led me to other hobbies like fish taxidermy and wildlife photography. I still remember all winter long the Friday nights in the shop with my friends swapping fish stories and bragging rights as we learned the ins and outs of our new artistry, this also was the introduction of me using driftwood as a working medium. My photography is still to this day a daily routine, my morning coffee drive when most are still sleeping is magic to me. This allows me to not not only see and capture wildlife that most don’t know of, but more so it creates a perception that radiates a feeling throughout my day.


All of this has brought me to this place where my passions and the beauty of nature allow me to use my imagination and all my acquired skills to create unique one of a kind pieces of art all from a medium that’s age on water combined with its life term on land adds up to a time early on in our American history.








3 Immature eagles

Lucky's point

Delaware River, New Jersey

Photo by E. Johnston


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