"The Original driftwood flower"




Driftwood flowers are 100% all natural aged wood from historical coastal waters. Built in all shapes and sizes and mixed with different wood species, these elegant pieces of Eco Art add a finish touch and statement in any room or outdoor living space. Every flower is hand made and finished with a sealer that enhances grain and color all while protecting it for a second lifetime.


Flowers have long been a calling card for Ath and a gift to historical homes that participated in the Revolution, however increasing popularity have brought these available to the public. They can be found locally at Christopher's in Newtown Square and Earth, wood and fiber Art gallery. In addition they can also be purchased directly from Ath. 
















Average size flower 12"-18"...$35.-$45

Larger flowers...24"-36"...$50-125

Prices vary depending on;

*wood species and age

*types of finishing