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Appeal to Heaven
Appeal to Heaven


Edwards attraction to water, nature and times past has evolved into him turning driftwood into one of a kind art, home furnishings, outdoor living projects, and sculptures. Rich in it's raw form, this medium has perfected it's beauty by the ongoing process of nature. Edward hand selects every piece with a vision and purpose far greater than it's original destination. His designs are creative and authentic, with a timeless quality that appeals to all.


Inspired by the great outdoors and the American revoulution era, the natural art from Edward Johnston is all hand-built and selected from the coastal waters, woodlands, and structures of the historic northeast.


"I am a real fan of early American history. I am constantly looking for old or petrified wood and other materials that have age to it. Just the thought of all the years on the water entwined  with its life term on land ignites my spirit and fuels my creativity." 


Edward's art originated on the mighty Delaware River just below Philadelphia in the approx area where Appeal to Heaven Flags were flown during the American Revolution . "I live in a historically rich area just outside of Philadelphia, between Valley Forge and Brandywine Battlefield and so much of our countries start is all around us in nature and spirit."




ATH inspired artist Edward Johnston shown harvesting a piece of white oak soon to be an elegant home furnishing.




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