Earthy but elegant, this unique bird feeder stands in a class by itself. JB....Item # 112



Colonial brick lamp with cedar...item # 99....special piece...Ej

Standing about 3' tall this one of a kind dock beam with added antique pully is a great shore house piece...the natural deterioration stops just short of the beam pocket and bolt housing......incredible detail.....This piece can be seen at Earth Wood & Fiber


Shore house coffee table with rocks inside

3/8" oval glass

2' x 4' x 18"....Item # 101


Tall hardwood lamp with bark shade and rock base....Item # 98


Driftwood rocking chair...

A charming piece....

Functional but not recommended

Item # 97......

Not completed



Off the beach of Fort Mifflin...This enchanted, dark, dense, old hardwood makes for a fine table...2' tall and 2' round

old and rare...Item # 96....



Magnificent stand alone home nice I didnt want to even do anything to it. Heavy and sturdy but yet only 10" wide, this natural piece of art can go right up close to a wall. Ideal for an entry, lobby, hallway, or even a room.


When this tear of aged White Oak made it the finish stage thats when it came to life. The colors and grains are unreal. Pictures will never do justice..a real conversational piece.


4' x 3' x 10"...Rare...Item # 95 ....




Indoor water feature...Absolutely, plants, fogger, copper lined flowering pot...water running down the wood on both sides...2' x 3'....item # 82...jb




Please refer to item number..

Home Furnishings


Decorative white shore house piece...

Very dense and strong...

Lots of detail...stand alone beauty..

Interior or exterior

3' x 18" x 12" Item # 86



Liberty Awakening...... A one of a kind water feature that has a striking resemblance of the flame that resides on top of our most precious statue.


The sounds of trickling water, soft lighting, accent plants, and a fine mist that runs across the pool, down through the side, and into a basin leaves you mesmerized (basin is still under construction). The natural beauty of the wood alone, rich in detail awards this piece in the top of its class. An absolute stunning mood piece.   Item # 84





The Statue of Liberty's torch symbolizes enlightenment. The torch is to metaphorically light the way to liberty. 


A Natural Beauty...


Standing 45" tall with an 18" black polished granite top, this look a like Giraffes foot pedistal is quite an eye catcher and conversation piece...I might also add a very useful and sturdy cocktail table...loaded with detail.

451/2" x 8"...18" round top...Item #103 


Everything you will see on this page is one of a kind, hand crafted and treated, awaiting it's new destination. I go to great lengths and spend lots of time in nature searching for the finest wood. My job as an Artist / Builder is not always to create something from nothing, but more so to understand the piece itself, it's natural beauty and unique characteristics, all of which are foundational in determining it's destination. 


Driftwood Sunburst

Item #104...Driftwood Sunburst... 



The Mifflin...

Old Philadelphia

Shore house coffee table...

Home or Garden...

This piece was sold to family...would have retailed at ..Beautiful piece

Made to order...custom sizes available..pricing varies

4' tall x 6'5" wide

Natural beauty with different shades of color and sizes

Mounted on heavy duty 3/4" 1/2 moon shaped plywood

Heavy duty mounting brackets

Installation is available 


Long plank like pieces make up the sun rays and

the center (sun) projects outwardly about 12". Made up of smaller pieces with their natural end facing forward, each piece hand picked and some even resemble animal figures...


Still under construction below this line.

Oak bench with stump footing