Newtown Township





Deleware County, Pennsylvania


did  you  know ?....


Did you know that Wiliiam Penn was in jail 6 times as a teenager for his beliefs in religious freedom?

Did you know that Pennsylvania was a gift given to him for his fathers service to the King?

Did you know that Philadephia was Penns first project in Pennsylvania. It was known as the "American experiment or the Holy experiment"

   Its true.....Penn wanted to build a place where people who wanted religious freedom could go live.."The City of Brotherly love"

                                                                 Everyone at that time referred to America as the "New World"


   And did you know....That his very next project on his list was to "build a town in a green country".......This new place was to be called


                                          Newtown Square, Pa.


Becuase Philadelphia was so successful at that time, and it was big news about the New World, that when Penn discussed his plans about Newtown Square, most of it was sold to people in England, people who believed in penns beliefs. And so it was, our town was a prize held in value by people across the ocean, most never even saw there land. Some of reasons why Newtown was so slow to develop.


We live in special town and we should all be proud of our past. We might not be number one, but we know for sure according to American History that we were the next best thing after the greatest city in the "New World".


We have alot of history here in Newtown, and I urge you to get involved and learn more at 


In addition to history, we also have an abundance of wildlife and beautiful landscape. I would like to share with you some of my special bald eagle moments through out the years in OUR home town. Click on the eagle to the left.












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Wildlife of Newtown Square...





Do any of these pictures look familiar? Well the one should for sure, its the John West house on the corner of Goshen and Newtown Street Rd.

The picture in the center is "The Treaty of Paris"...This is when we signed in front of the King of France and the King of England acknowleding our freedom from the England. Because it would go down in world history all the officials from England including the King refused to be painted.


The picture on the right is Benjamin West...A world famous painter during the revolutionary period who painted this priceless painting and so many others, especially founding fathers and life size biblical paintings....and guess what?....He's from Newtown Square!!! 


Click here for covered bridge